Make Midway Airport Pick Ups Easy with Eat & Meet

Enjoy Lunch Instead of Airport Hassle

One of the ultimate tests of friendship is the ability to pick a pal up from the airport. And yes, sometimes, it is a hassle. At Coaches Sports Bar & Grill, we offer a very tasty solution to the airport run around—the Eat & Meet! Instead of driving around Midway Airport, looking for a parking spot, and waiting at the baggage claim forever for your passenger, come have lunch with us.

Have a meal at our Chicago sports bar, and keep track of your party’s incoming flights on our arrival and departure screen. You’ll be able to see flight delays and cancellations as they happen. Coaches Sports Bar & Grill has an express Eat & Meet Menu available all day, every day for those waiting on airport arrivals. When your pal’s flight comes in, we’ll bring the check and you’ll be at the airport when they arrive with their baggage. Simple, easier, and much more delicious than the traditional pickup.

Our Midway Airport-area restaurant also boasts a free 24/7 shuttle from the restaurant to the airport. Don’t meet your friends at the airport—have them meet you at Coaches Sports Bar & Grill for good food, good beer, and good fun.


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