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Midway in the News: Hotel experts offer summer travel advice for home away from home

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Our very own Tony Marco, general manager of the Hampton Inn Midway and Erin Bertollini, general manager at the Marriott Midway discuss the renovations to the Midway properties and what the guest experience is all about.

“Every guest has individual needs, and hotels offer accommodations that differ based on what’s determined to be the repeat requests,” Bertollini said.

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Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Midway Hotel Center

Monday, July 29th, 2013

The Midway Hotel Center isn’t just a one-trick travel stop, it’s an experience. Check out why you’ll fall in love with the center with these five reasons below!

Reason 1: Orange Line

Traveling can be one of the most wonderful- and most stressful things in life. Luckily, moving around after settling into the Hotel Center isn’t part of the stress. One of the best things about the campus is how close to downtown you can be with the help of the Orange Line. Did we mention it was cheap? It’s $2.25 per rider and you don’t have to worry about driving traffic and parking – wow!

Reason 2: Brands, Brands, Brands

Making decisions can be hard and the Hotel Center doesn’t make this any easier- because all of the properties are great! We have nine properties rolled into one giant campus and that means you can choose the perfect hotel for you, including Marriott, Hilton and more. No matter what your needs are, there is a hotel that matches them.  (Have a question about which hotel is right for you? We can help you at 1-800-Mid-Inns)

Reason 3: Food Choices

If we’re being honest, food is one of the most (arguably THE most) important parts of a great hotel stay. This aspect of an overnight stay or drop-in meal, means that we’re the perfect one-stop place for a variety of food. Between the Dempsey’s restaurant (one of our GMs says it’s rated No. 2 of all Marriott’s in North America!)and the other three food joints on site, TGI Friday’s, Coaches Bar and Grill inside the Holiday Inn and Great American Grill inside the Hilton Garden Inn, you won’t go hungry!

Reason 4: Surprise Entertainment

Food, major brands and easy travel are all great – but what about entertainment? We know that some hotel stays can be monotonous and finding things to do can be difficult. One of our favorite parts of the Hotel Center is its surprise entertainment: watching the runway at Midway! There are rooms at several hotels that have a view of the runway and because it’s one of the shortest runways in the country, the planes fly really close to the hotels and provide hours of entertainment. It’s the little things in life, right?

Reason Five: Convenience

The Hotel Center is close to a lot of things: downtown, Midway Airport and local restaurants and hangouts. All of this makes us pretty darn convenient – but perhaps our favorite convenience to date is the 24-hour airport shuttle. This airport shuttle is complimentary for hotel guests and runs constantly – meaning you can worry less about getting to the airport and spend more time enjoying your stay!


Have a favorite part of the Hotel Center that wasn’t mentioned? Comment below!