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Weddings Galore and More

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Sure, you can park, sleep and take advantage of our transportation at the Midway Hotel Center – but what about hosting an event? The wonders of staying in one of our nine hotels are just as big of a perk as transportation or proximity. Namely, the perks of hosting a wedding or other special events at one of our nine hotels.

“Options” is the name of the wedding and special events game at the Hotel Center. The complex offers an all-inclusive approach to weddings – where our own event managers handle the planning and execution of catering, beverages and décor.

Whether you want to host a comfortable ballroom wedding or a 200 guest wedding outside in the Millennium Garden, there are options for you.

Although offer nearly everything you need for catering, there’s room for flexibility. Special dietary needs? No problem, we’ll work with you and outside caterer. Need help finding the perfect cake? Our managers can help you find the best bakery options available.

The options don’t stop there. You can also customize your bar and beverage menu with three tiered drink options –or bring in your favorite craft beer for a customized, personal touch!

Another special feature the hotel offers is for military weddings. Managers offer a “natural cause” option in case of deployment – meaning that if the bride or groom is deployed before the wedding date, the Hotel Center will refund or reschedule your wedding!

And you never have to worry about being in the wrong hands – Event Manager Chanel Esters says that all event managers at the complex are wedding certified, which means they go through a program of classes in preparation of handling any type of wedding!


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Airport Shuttle is the Ultimate Campus Wheels

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Although we’ve already given you some inside information on a previous post about the wonders of Midway Hotel Center transportation, we need to inform you a second time of all the great aspects of our campus wheels!

The airport shuttle runs every day of the year, 24/7. Transportation has also added extra weekend shifts, so that your commute to and from the airport so even if we’re busy, you don’t feel affected by the rush!

The Hotel Center also offers special Park and Fly packages – one includes free parking up to two weeks with a one-night stay! That means that you can enjoy both a great stay at one of our nine hotels without worrying about racking up a huge parking fee.

One of the best parts about the airport shuttle is that our transportation team can work with you for any need – we have shuttles that are wheelchair accessible. We can also arrange shuttles for special events, such as allowing shuttle rentals for your bridal party or group.

The Hotel Center offers seven buses, including three brand new buses that fit 28+ people each!

And don’t forget, you can always use the shuttle for free access to the Orange Line, located in Midway Airport! Transportation Supervisor Tony Stirn recommends always letting your front desk associate know when you need a shuttle, to assure a swift pickup!


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Tour Chicago Easier with our Transportation!

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013


One of our favorite things about the Hotel Center is that Downtown Chicago is only a couple hops away! The process is easier than it looks and is cheaper than cab rides or parking garages. Inexpensive and easy? Sign us up.

Still worried about using transportation? We’re easing your fears by breaking down the process below.

Step 1: Arrive at your designation hotel on campus

You’re tired, it’s been a long flight and you deserve to put down your luggage. Use this post-flight time to check into your hotel, set down all your things and gear up for some Chicago excitement! (Not sure which hotel is right for you? Check out all nine properties here.)

Step 2: Take the airport shuttle back to the airport

As this step you may be thinking, “No, I don’t want to go back to the airport, I just left- I want to sightsee!”

No worries, your trip to the airport should be painless and easy. You can take advantage of the free airport shuttle during your entire stay and since it runs every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day – you should be able to find a time that suites you!

Step 3: Hop onto the Orange Line

You can easily hop off the shuttle and onto Chicago’s Orange Line Train Station at the Midway Airport! Spend the day exploring the Chicago area.

Did we mention that the cost for the Orange Line $2.25 one-way, per person? That means for $5 each round-trip, combined with the free airport shuttle, makes this the cheapest commute to Chicago, by far!

Step 4: Arrive back to your hotel

The process to come back is the same as the initial trip into the city- hop back onto the subway system and arrive at your hotel on the Midway Airport free shuttle.

It’s that simple.


Have questions or want more info? We can help you at 1-800-Mid-Inns!