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Weddings Galore and More

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Sure, you can park, sleep and take advantage of our transportation at the Midway Hotel Center – but what about hosting an event? The wonders of staying in one of our nine hotels are just as big of a perk as transportation or proximity. Namely, the perks of hosting a wedding or other special events at one of our nine hotels.

“Options” is the name of the wedding and special events game at the Hotel Center. The complex offers an all-inclusive approach to weddings – where our own event managers handle the planning and execution of catering, beverages and décor.

Whether you want to host a comfortable ballroom wedding or a 200 guest wedding outside in the Millennium Garden, there are options for you.

Although offer nearly everything you need for catering, there’s room for flexibility. Special dietary needs? No problem, we’ll work with you and outside caterer. Need help finding the perfect cake? Our managers can help you find the best bakery options available.

The options don’t stop there. You can also customize your bar and beverage menu with three tiered drink options –or bring in your favorite craft beer for a customized, personal touch!

Another special feature the hotel offers is for military weddings. Managers offer a “natural cause” option in case of deployment – meaning that if the bride or groom is deployed before the wedding date, the Hotel Center will refund or reschedule your wedding!

And you never have to worry about being in the wrong hands – Event Manager Chanel Esters says that all event managers at the complex are wedding certified, which means they go through a program of classes in preparation of handling any type of wedding!


Have questions or want more info? We can help you at 1-800-Mid-Inns!